Tom Brake welcomes low unemployment figures

February 23, 2011 1:25 PM

Recent statistics have revealed that unemployment figures in Carshalton and Wallington remain below the national average. The official report, published in January, announced that 3.9% of the active population aged between 16 and 64 in the area were unemployed, in contrast to the nationwide average of 7.9%. In some areas of the country, the rate of unemployment has reached 20%.

Local MP Tom Brake said: "I strongly welcome this report. The unemployment rate in Sutton has actually fallen since the same time last year. It is a clear indication of how at a local level we have so far been able to buck the national trend. Hopefully we can continue to do so."

Encouraging figures for youth employment levels were also reported, with the unemployment rate for those under 25 falling by 4% between September and December 2010.

Sutton Councillor for Wallington South Jayne McCoy said that the figures gave cause for cautious optimism. She said: "Young people are the future of our community and by equipping them with the skills and assistance they need in their early careers we are also investing in the prosperity of the borough for years to come."

Tom said: "What is especially pleasing is the news that the young people of Sutton are for the time being managing to avoid the problems faced by so many around the country. For those who are looking for work, we have good facilities in Sutton to help."

Sutton's Job Centre Plus offers advice on employment rights and also assistance in finding a new job. Those wishing to find out more can contact the centre by calling 0845 604 3719 or by visiting their website at

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