Tax Change to Benefit Families

March 17, 2011 10:14 AM

Local MP Tom Brake has welcomed the Government's plans to raise the personal tax allowance from £6475 to £7475, which will mean that an estimated 1500 people in Sutton will be removed from income tax entirely at the beginning of April.

Following a question from Tom Brake in Prime Minister's Questions the Prime Minister confirmed that across the country 880,000 people will be removed from income tax all together and described the move as 'a big help with the cost of living.'

In addition to those removed from income tax, over 25 million people will pay £200 a year less, including an estimated 78,000 Sutton residents.

Tom Brake said: "the decision to increase the personal tax allowance will benefit thousands of families in Sutton and is a major step forward towards a fairer tax system. This demonstrates that the Coalition Government is committed to making work pay and supporting those on low and middle incomes".

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