Tom Brake warns local residents over terrorism

March 29, 2011 11:21 AM

Last Friday MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake spoke about 'Terrorism and the Government's Response' at the Sutton Seniors Forum.

Tom, who is Co-Chair of the Lib Dem committee on Home Affairs and Justice, delivered the speech before an audience of about 150 Sutton residents at the Thomas Wall Centre on Benhill Avenue, speaking on the threat to national security from a range of organisations including Al-Qaeda, dissident groups in Northern Ireland and far right extremists.

Tom emphasised in particular the new challenges facing the intelligence services.

He said: "Today in the UK there are an estimated two thousand known terrorists, with maybe another two thousand undetected.

"Advances in technology mean that terrorists can now operate in increasingly subtle ways. Suspects who communicate through social networking sites like Facebook and conceal information in devices such as Sat Navs make the job of our intelligence services more and more difficult every day."

Tom was keen however to warn of the dangers of dealing with the terrorist threat.

He said: "The legislative response to these security concerns must always be appropriate to the level of threat that we face. We must be careful to ensure that in the process of targeting suspects we do not destroy our civil liberties."

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