Tom Brake Launches ‘Peacemaker’ Programme Celebration

March 31, 2011 10:51 AM

Last Tuesday Tom Brake hosted an event in Parliament aimed at helping young British Muslims integrate and contribute fully in their communities.

The 'Young Muslim Peacemakers' conference was organised in conjunction with Initiatives of Change, a global organisation set up to help bring people of diverse backgrounds and faiths together. The event focused in particular on the group's 'How to be a Peacemaker' programme, which aims to help young European Muslims live peacefully alongside other cultures.

After a short presentation exploring the way in which the programme could be applied across the continent, a number of young Muslims who had taken part in programme in the past spoke of their experiences and the way in which it had positively affected their lives.

Tom said: "This is a ground-breaking programme that can make a real difference to the lives of Britain's young Muslims."

The programme was designed by Ajmal Masroor, a British-born Muslim and a regular guest on both the BBC and Channel 4 as a prominent voice on community issues, and aims to encourage young Muslims to see their religion as a vehicle for peace and to play a fuller role in their community lives.

Ajmal Masroor said: "We have multiple layers of identities and they will only work in harmony if we are prepared to accept and celebrate them all. A positive empowering, knowledge and capacity-building programme can provide a robust response to the hate narrative and hate-mongers."

For more information about the 'How to be a Peacemaker' programme and the work of Initiatives of Change visit

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