Local MP visits local brain injury centre

April 19, 2011 4:28 PM

Last week Tom Brake praised the work of the Queen Elizabeth Foundation after spending an afternoon at its Independent Living Services (ILS) centre near Leatherhead.

Having recently taken part in a sponsored walk in Nonsuch Park with the Foundation to mark Brain Injury Awareness Day, Tom returned to see its work in increasing the independence of its residents first hand.

ILS primarily aims to support the transition of young residents from childhood to adulthood. They focus on raising their skill levels and confidence while offering advice on a range of issues like money management, shopping or even organising their social lives.

The centre also offers different styles of living accommodation to residents to allow them to experience the different choices that they will have when they leave the centre. This provision helps them to put the skills they have learnt into practice within a supportive setting.

Jonathan Powell, CEO of the Queen Elizabeth Foundation, said: "The service is entirely person-centred with each person setting their own goals and having a full and active daily timetable of sessions and activities.Tom's visit was met with great enthusiasm from QEF residents and it was particularly heartening for them to actually be listened to by someone who could make a difference."

Tom added: "By promoting the independence of these younger patients and making them as self-sufficient as possible, the Foundation really does boost their life opportunities. It really is wonderful work."

For more information about the centre visit the Independent Living Services of the QEF's website at www.qef.org.uk.

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