No tolerance for rioters, say Sutton MPs

August 10, 2011 2:13 PM

Sutton MPs Tom Brake and Paul Burstow have today spoken out to condemn the scenes seen across London in recent days, and to assure local residents that those responsible for the chaos will be brought to justice.

The town saw a number of incidents on Monday night, including damage to shop windows and shutters in the High Street and an attempted break in and looting of a mobile phone shop in Rose Hill. Police officers were also forced to clear the High Street a number of times after missile attacks from groups of youths.

After many shops and local businesses closed early yesterday evening after bouts of looting hit other areas of the city, police returned to the streets with a large and visible presence to protect local residents and businesses.

The police reported no incidents of note. Sutton police have already made several arrests regarding the incidents in the High Street and Rose Hill. They have pledged to continue investigating, and further arrests are anticipated.

After visiting the site of the attempted break in Rose Hill yesterday, Tom said: "Luckily, the looters only managed to smash a window. The police reacted quickly and professionally, and were able to arrest them before they escaped. Our thanks must go out to the brave police who prevented the situation here in Sutton from escalating."

He continued: "These people have unmistakeably shown a complete and utter disregard not only for the law, but also for their own communities. This copycat violence is nothing more than a sickening display of vandalism and lawlessness. Let there be no doubt. These crimes will not be tolerated, and the perpetrators will be brought to justice."

While Sutton and Cheam MP, Paul Burstow, is cutting his holiday short to attend Parliament and hold meetings with the Borough's Police Commander and Council Leader. He will also be visiting the Police Station to thank police officers and staff for their 'dedication in protecting the public'.

Commenting Paul Burstow MP said, "There can be no justification or excuse for what is wanton destruction and criminal behaviour. The scenes of violence and riot on our streets have been shocking.

"Compared to many parts of London, Sutton has been spared the worst. However, that is down to a rapid local response by the police. With good intelligence and co-ordination with the Council, no effort must be spared to thwart those who would spread chaos and crime."

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