Local MP praises inspirational youth work

September 7, 2011 3:07 PM

At the end of August, Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake met with two organisations to see first-hand their work with young people in the local area.

Skills Integrated and Community Inspirations are both projects which work with youngsters and help them to engage in positive community activities with the aim of providing them with better futures.

Tom said: "These organisations do inspiring work for young people in our area, and it was great to see for myself the projects they undertake."

Skills Integrated focus on young people who are struggling at school with their education, and help them to fulfil their potential by providing them with training in construction skills. Tom met one student who has benefited from the course, who at the age of only fifteen has just set up his own plastering business.

Community Inspirations work with children and young adults who are troubled or who have experienced difficult upbringings and help them to find, among other things, stability and self worth. Their work includes a range of different initiatives, from health and careers advice to sports programmes. One such programme is training youngsters from Sutton to play futsal, a form of indoor football.

The two projects work closely together, and Tom was keen to praise their collaboration. He said: "We need all local organisations which provide services for young and sometimes disaffected people to work together to maximise their impact. It's heartening to see how SILC and Community Inspirations come together to help out young people in our area."

For more information about Skills Integrated and their work with young people, visit their website at www.silctraining.co.uk. To find out more about Community Inspirations, visit www.communityinspirations.co.uk.


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