Scouts in the spotlight at party conferences

September 22, 2011 12:08 PM

Local MP Tom Brake recently met with Scouts from across the UK at their annual Scouts Speak Up! event at the Lib Dem party conference.

The annual 'Scouts Speak Up!' events have been created for Scouts from across the UK to be able to attend the party conferences and have an opportunity to tell decision makers about the issues that concern young people locally and nationally.

In Birmingham, Tom talked to the Scouts about many different issues including the tuition fees, employment and how young people can engage with politicians.

Many Scouts talked about how Scouting has enriched their lives and how they have contributed to their local communities.

Shilpa Gupta, an Explorer Scout said, "After events over the past couple of months it is great that we've had the opportunity to tell MPs like Tom what we think, and that they listened. It is important that young people have a say, and events like today's is a great step forward. As a Scout it is important for me to get involved and help inspire others to.

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said, "I want members to feel empowered to fulfil their ambitions, valued for their contribution they make and to feel proud of everything they do." He added, "For all those campaigning for a fairer deal for young people and Scouting I say well done, keep at it and don't give up. Together, we're stronger."

Tom said, "Yesterday's event was brilliant and is a great example of young people holding politicians to account. The young people who attended asked a number of challenging questions and it was great to see so many Scouts that are so passionate about their communities and who want to tackle such a broad range of issues. Hopefully events like today will be part of an ongoing dialogue between young people and their MPs."

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