National ID Fraud Prevention Week

October 13, 2011 10:47 AM

Running from 17th October to the 21st October, National ID Fraud Prevention week is a Metropolitan Police Initiative that seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of identity fraud, and the problems that victims face as a result of it. The initiative is particularly geared towards students, or those in a similar position, as according to statistics, they are among the most targeted social groups.

Operation Sterling, the name of the sub-section of the Metropolitan police responsible for public awareness, has been visiting University Fresher's fairs throughout the capital, providing students with a practical education in how to prevent fraudulent behaviour from affecting their day-to-day lives. The tour visited several different types of institutions, in different areas of London, to do this; from the London School of Economics in Westminster to Queen Mary's in Mile End. They also visited the University of Kingston, where they joined with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, who together provided an overview of not only methods used by fraudsters, but also the hotspots throughout London where criminal activity of this type is particularly prevalent; the most common area being Kensington.

Local MP Tom Brake praised the work of both Operation Sterling, as well as the Safer Neighbourhood Team, "the work of these two groups has been absolutely brilliant. Many young people from my own constituency attend these prestigious institutions. This type of crime is particularly distressing and I am pleased to hear that their interests are being looked after." A/Det Supt Nick Downing supported this saying, "ID Fraud is not a victimless crime and can have serious implications to those who have suffered from it, potentially for years afterwards." Tom has also taken up a number of cases of ID fraud, during his time in office, some of which have lasted for several years.

For further advice on fraud prevention, visit the Fraud Alert website at:

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