Parliament Week comes to Carshalton and Wallington

October 18, 2011 2:02 PM

Local MP Tom Brake is encouraging local students to take part in the first annual Parliament Week, a new national initiative, taking place between 31 October and 6 November 2011.

Parliament Week is a new annual series of events and activities which aim to raise awareness of Parliament and encourage people to engage with the UK's democratic system and its institutions. This year's theme is 'Stories of Democracy', which is about finding out the stories of those who have participated in or contributed to democracy in the UK, both past and present.

As part of the promotional build-up to the event, Tom will be heavily involved in raising awareness of the week, as well as the significance of parliament, and the significance of politics generally. He will also be watching the live screening of the UK Youth Parliament from the House of Commons on Friday 4 November from 11am, and will encourage his constituents to do so as well.

As part of Parliament Week, there is a programme of activities across the UK that explore how and why the House of Commons and the House of Lords matter to everyone. A number of external partners are joining with Parliament to host events about democracy and political engagement. The UK Youth Parliament will sit in the House of Commons chamber on Friday 4 November which is being screened live by BBC Parliament. BBC Question Time is being broadcast from the historic Westminster Hall for the very first time on 3 November. For up to date events please go to

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