Calling all Local Musicians - Come and Rock the House!

January 17, 2012 4:33 PM

I'm calling on local budding musicians to put their talents on show and get involved in the "Rock the House" - the competition for up and coming British musical talent.

"Rock the House" is a Parliamentary live music competition which aims to support the vast wealth of talent currently in the British music scene, as well as recognising the vital work the venues and arenas do in promoting and developing new music.

As well as celebrating the very best in up and coming British talent, the competition also aims to highlight the importance of intellectual property rights.

The UK music industry is a large and successful one that employs thousands of people. However, if respect for copyright is not upheld, and musicians are not paid for the music they create, then the industry will not survive.

I can nominate one solo artist or band, an under-18 year old act and a live venue from Carshalton and Wallington. The winner will then be judged by an international panel of music industry experts who will decide who will compete in a battle of the bands showdown.

Whoever wins the battle of the bands will then get the opportunity to play live on the terrace of the House of Commons as well as winning a whole host of other amazing prizes, including thousands of pounds worth of musical equipment and the chance to play live at the Download festival.

This is a really fun competition with an important issue at its heart. We must continue to ensure that our musicians and the music they create is properly protected and the UK music industry can continue to grow. I hope as many constituents as possible enter the competition, plus I'd love to see an act from Carshalton or Wallington performing on the terrace of the House of Commons!

To apply, you will have to send in an original recording (mp3) and fill out an application form, which can be found at:

Please also contact if you wish to enter the competition.

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