Brake – ‘let’s unite to save health services’

May 11, 2012 5:32 PM

Local MP, Tom Brake, has called on the local community to 'unite' to demonstrate public support for key medical services to remain at St Helier Hospital.

Describing the recommendation to close the A&E and maternity unit at St Helier Hospital as 'desperately disappointing', Tom Brake pointed at increased demand for A+E and maternity services and improved patient satisfaction as reasons for services to remain on the St Helier site.

Tom Brake said, 'for more than a decade, our local community has campaigned to save St Helier Hospital when it has faced various threats. Now it is vital that our community joins together again to make sure that the Better Services Better Value team listen to local people who want to keep our A&E and maternity units at St Helier'.

You can show your support for the campaign by signing the petition at

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