Public Response Phenomenal – Brake

May 23, 2012 3:19 PM

Public Response Phenomenal - Brake

Local MP Tom Brake has described the public response to the recommendation to close vital health services at St Helier Hospital as 'Phenomenal'.

More than 2000 local residents have now signed Tom Brake's petition calling on the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, to intervene and force the Better Services Better Value review, which made the recommendation, to be abandoned.

Tom Brake said, 'the review is completely flawed. You simply cannot remove vital healthcare on the back of a review which uses incomplete data, ignores the importance of travel times and is based upon the existence of alternative health services that don't exist'.

'But this is more than just about the details of a review - it is about people's lives. I have been touched by the moving stories residents have sent me about how health services at St Helier have been available when they needed them most. As a father whose two children were born at St Helier, these are stories I find easy to relate to.'

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