Abbeyfield Week 2012

June 12, 2012 11:35 AM

Though it may sometimes seem that the generational gap today is more of a chasm, Abbeyfield Week 2012 - running from June 9th until 16th - is an effort to build a bridge between the old and the young. Events held in the group's 580 houses and care homes across the country, including one in Wallington, seek to promote the exchange of skills across generations.

To encourage participation Abbeyfield is launching a competition for the best Intergenerational Skills Swap: the winning group will be treated to a visit and performance in the autumn from popular dance duo Twist and Pulse, former Britain's Got Talent finalists.

The theme of the event is "AGEnda," encouraging those young and old to come together and give each other new perspectives on life and skills. One can teach the other how to send iPhone text messages, while perhaps gaining some wisdom on what kind of thing is better left unsent.

Tom Brake MP has signed the Abbeyfield Week Pledge in Westminster.

"I am proud to sign the Abbeyfield Week Pledge and endorse its innovative plan to raise awareness of the benefits of skill swaps," Brake said. "Too often we overlook the need for different generations to get together and teach each other new skills such as IT, cooking, and reading. It is also a great opportunity for generations to discuss their different lifestyles, and to promote better understanding between them."

Paul Allen, Chief Executive of Abbeyfield, welcomed Brake's support in his cause.

"We are delighted that Tom Brake MP has signed our pledge supporting this year's Abbeyfield Week - AGEnda: A generational skills swap," Allen said. "We would like to see more of these generational skills swaps in areas across the country to enable better understanding between different generations. Schemes such as this not only help alleviate loneliness amongst older people, but also teach younger generations skills that they might otherwise have missed."

Abbeyfield Week is particularly relevant this year as 2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

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