Tom Brake MP completes Blenheim Triathlon for charity

June 27, 2012 3:46 PM

Tom Brake MP completes Blenheim Triathlon for charity

Tom Brake MP ran, swam, and cycled around a hazy Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire last Sunday in support of special needs infants. The agile parliamentarian completed the course in only one hour and 43 minutes.

"I can still walk!" Tom, who turned 50 last month, proudly proclaimed the day after finishing his trifecta.

The course consisted of a 750 meter swim, followed by a 20 kilometre bike ride, and concluding with a 5 kilometre run.

The event was the eighth step in Tom's determined effort to complete the Gold Challenge, which encourages participants to complete 10 Olympic sports while raising money for charity in the run-up to this summer's Games. Tom has as of now taken part in events consisting of football, handball, swimming, table tennis, the 100 metre dash at the Olympic Stadium, basketball, and tennis. Tom looks forward to completing the ninth leg in his journey ­- cycling - with the local Sutton Cycling Club. He is taking suggestions for his tenth challenging pursuit.

All of these athletic achievements are made in support of Bliss, a charity for sick and premature babies. To donate to Tom's cause, please go to

"Bliss is a cause that is very close to my heart, an organ that I hope to strengthen through this challenge," Tom said.

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