Lloyds Scholars

July 12, 2012 5:40 PM

Tom Brake MP is encouraging Sutton students from lower income households to apply for the Lloyds Banking Group Universities Programme, which funds the education of bright young students at universities across the UK.

The programme gives to successful applicants a financial support package- including bursaries, annual academic prizes and paid work experience - as well as access to workshops, a mentor within the Bank, and a structured volunteer programme. After a pilot at the Universities of Bristol and Sheffield, Lloyds is expanding to include Edinburgh, Oxford, University College London and Warwick. With the new universities, the programme now supports 120 Scholars.

"Corporate citizenship and accessible higher education are two of the hallmarks of a successful society," Tom Brake MP said. "I applaud Lloyds for this initiative and encourage Sutton students to pursue it."

The scholarship is open to any student whose household income falls below £25,000. Application forms can be found at www.lloyds-scholars.com. The closing date for applications is Friday 27 July.

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