Transport for London reassures Tom Brake MP on Games Lanes

July 23, 2012 10:37 AM

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake applauded a Transport for London (TfL) response to his concern over the Olympic Games Lanes and their potential to impede commuters and especially cyclists.

A spokesman for TfL assured Tom that they will be monitoring the Games Lanes throughout the spectacle and will open them up to all traffic whenever they are not needed for the Games. These openings will be managed through a network of Variable Message Signs, electronic matrix boards that indicate whether or not a Games Lane is open to the public.

Tom was pleased to hear the agency's pledged response to the brewing transport gridlock during the Olympics.

"I welcome TfL's flexibility with the Games Lanes, but now these promises must turn into action," Tom said.

The spokesman also acknowledged the concerns of Tom and other London cyclists, who are also exiled from the Games Lanes.

"In truth, we know that it will be difficult to enforce the Games Lanes for cyclists as the main enforcement mechanism is through CCTV and number plate recognition," the spokesman wrote. "Our main issue is about encouraging cyclists not to get themselves entangled in a moving convoy of coaches and trucks in the offside lane."

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