Optimism in Thameslink Consultation

August 2, 2012 2:00 PM

Tom Brake MP welcomed the words of a civil servant involved in the Thameslink consultation, who asserted that rumours of harmful cuts in service to Sutton were far from finalised.

At a stakeholder consultation event in Pimlico last Wednesday, John Macquarrie, a manager at the Department for Transport, assured listeners that the department's primary concern remained improving passenger care.

"The main purpose behind it is that it is operationally more convenient. And the response I have given is that [...] we run the railway for the purpose of the people who use the service, not the benefit of how you choose to manage the infrastructure." Macquarrie said. "So it is very much the case of we asked a question, and they gave their response as anyone is entitled to do. But equally, we've had quite a lot of responses saying 'actually, we quite like our trains in the current state.'"

Rumours that the consultation would result in a termination of Thameslink service from Sutton at Blackfriars led to deep concern from Tom and other Sutton citizens.

"It certainly seems that the Department of Transport is prioritising what matters most: the needs of passengers. I hope they follow through with this sentiment as the consultation closes," Tom said.

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