Confusing nature of unit pricing in shops must be changed – Tom Brake MP

August 24, 2012 10:53 AM

Tom Brake MPis asking local residents to write in with examples of confusing unit pricing they've come across whilst shopping. It's part a campaign supported by Which? to make unit pricing more prominent so that consumers can make better buying decisions.

In June 2011, Which? carried out an online survey of 1009 members of the public to establish the reaction to increasing food prices. It revealed that seventy two per cent of people found it annoying when items are not priced by unit and less than half thought that the print on shelf labels giving the unit price was large enough to easily read.

Parliament will shortly be considering a Bill that will make it easier for consumers to compare which product is best value for money.

Tom Brake said, "With so many people concerned with rising food prices, more and more people are comparing supermarket prices. People are more likely to find the best deals when they check per unit price displays and yet half of all people don't, saying displays are not clear enough".

You can send examples of confusing unit pricing to Tom Brake via email at

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