Paying Back Their Debt to Society

September 13, 2012 9:20 AM

Sutton residents are being asked to recommend projects that could be implemented by the Community Payback Programme, which sees offenders refurbish their local area as part of a Community Sentence.

In London, over one million hours of Community Payback are completed every year by offenders on a community sentence, equating to approximately £5.7 million of free labour to local communities. Community Payback projects range from litter removal to clearing dense undergrowth and environment projects through repairing and redecorating community centres or removing graffiti. Offenders usually work as part of a team, monitored by a supervisor although there are some opportunities for individual placements.

Local MP Tom Brake said, ``It is important for offenders to pay back their debt to society and learn to contribute to the local area in a positive manner. That is why I am encouraging people to recommend local projects that could be included in the Community Payback Programme.''

Anyone from an individual, a member of a club, a community group or a voluntary organisation can nominate a project as long as it is challenging and constructive for offenders and gives something back to the community.

To nominate a project or for further questions on the Community Payback Programme please visit and click on the Community Payback link.

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