MP meets Scouts at party conference

September 28, 2012 11:53 AM

At the recent Liberal Democrat conference, local MP Tom Brake met with dozens of Scouts from across the country to hear what they had to say about issues that affect them.

The annual 'Scout Speak Up!' events have been created for Scouts to attend the conferences and are unique in the conference calendar. They are entirely youth led, giving young people the opportunity to debate with politicians the issues that really matter to young people today.

Tom Brake, said, 'I know what an important contribution Scouts make in our local area and the Scouts Speak Up! event was a great way to discuss the key issues affecting young people'.

Hannah Winslade, an Explorer Scout said, "It's great that young people have the opportunity to tell politicians what we think, and for them to listen. It is important that young people have a say, and events like today's is a great step forward. As a Scout it is important for me to get involved and help inspire others to do so too."

Issues discussed this weekend included proposed changes to GCSEs, the political situation in Syria and the perception of young people in the media. Tom Brake was also told by the young people he spoke to how Scouting enriches their lives and their local communities. Many talked about how the skills they've learned in Scouting have helped them to find employment and supported their applications to university and college.

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