Local MP backs campaign to promote energy efficiency

December 3, 2012 11:12 AM

"Hole in the Roof" is an innovative campaign designed to raise awareness of energy efficiency and encourage people to take action by giving them practical advice on the best ways to reduce their heating costs, and Tom Brake MP is giving his full support to the effort.

Tom said "I cannot stress enough the importance of a properly heated home. The cold season is here and our residents need to stay as warm as possible. The 'Hole in the Roof' campaign offers simple solutions that can make your home warmer and for less money."

"Hole in the Roof" utilises an interactive website that is easy to use and offers advice that is tailored to be both practical and affordable. It also highlights what savings can be made from various technologies and measures.

Tom said "Doing things such as fitting draft excluders, getting proper insulation, and boosting performance of your radiator can make all the difference when paying the energy bill."

To see what improvements can be made to your home, visit www.holeintheroof.org.uk.

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