MP presses for answers over Jubilee

February 19, 2013 10:25 AM

Local MP Tom Brake has learnt that the Jubilee Health Centre from which services were withdrawn earlier this year, following concerns raised about fire and water safety, could resume blood testing service by 4 March.

Tom Brake MP pressed local health bodies for a quick resolution of the issue and the restoration of the phlebotomy service, a campaign that appears to have finally borne fruit.

Tom said:

"The situation with Jubilee is unacceptable - £13 million facilities built in the middle of Wallington to improve accessibility, and patients still have to travel to the local hospital for basic services."

"I have received many complaints from local residents about this. I am very happy to see we are finally getting somewhere and that the issue is now closer to being resolved."

The closure is affecting over 2,000 patients a month, forcing them to travel to the nearby hospital. However, while some services were relocated due to health and safety concerns, some are still available to patients.

Tom Brake added:

"I will continue to monitor the situation until the centre fully resumes all the services."

Tom Brake outside the Jubilee CentreThe respective health organisations have pledged to work with the landlord to address all the critical issues by 26 February. Subject to this, the blood testing service could be reintroduced by the beginning of March.

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