MP Speaks Up for Local Company

March 19, 2013 10:29 AM

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake has taken up a case of a local drainage specialist company that has been unable to obtain telephone lines for their new offices.

Hydro Cleansing has experienced a number of delays in installing BT telephone lines at their new premises. As a result, the company has had to delay expansion plans and is struggling to meet business demands. Tom Brake visited Hydro Cleansing on Friday to discuss the problems they have been having and to find out how he could help.

Tom said:

"I am very concerned that the delay in installing these new lines is preventing this successful local business from expanding and providing new employment opportunities."

"I have contacted BT asking for the issue to be investigated and resolved as soon as possible."

"We should be helping local businesses not hindering them. It is disappointing to see what appears to be a lack of will and sincere efforts on the part of BT."

Despite the fact that Hydro Cleansing have waited for 3 months to have the lines installed, up to this date BT has failed to commit to a definite date of completion. To fit the lines, the telecommunications giant is asking the company to agree to 'time-related charges' but has been unable to say how much these charges may amount to. The dispute reached a stalemate when Hydro Cleansing refused to agree to what effectively amounts to providing BT with a blank cheque.

Further delays to installation were caused when engineers have attended the site without knowing what work was required to be carried out and without the necessary equipment to complete the work.

Ian Baxter, the Managing Director of Hydro Cleansing commented:

''We are extremely grateful for the support of Tom Brake MP and his interest in the challenge we face. As a fast growing service industry SME which has generated over 80 new jobs in the Croydon area over the past 9 months, it is frustrating to see large organisations generating unnecessary barriers which restrict our growth. In our industry we are required to respond to issues within an hour which makes it hard to understand why a world class organisation such as BT can possibly take so long to deliver a solution which supports growth.''
Tom added:

"I will monitor this case closely until it is fully resolved and Hydro Cleansing have operational telephone lines at their office." Me during the visit at the empty Hydro Cleansing offices

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