Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group launches ready to take on new role

April 2, 2013 5:10 PM

NHS Sutton CCG officially launched this week ready for its start date on 1 April 2013 when it will fully take on the commissioning (planning and buying) role for many of Sutton's NHS services.

The event was attended by over 80 partners and stakeholders, ranging from the local authority and local providers of NHS services, to community and patient groups. Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington attended the event.

Tom said:

"Sutton CCG represents an important change to how our local NHS services are planned and funded. The doctors and nurses leading the organisation are best-placed to know the needs of their local patients and make sure that the local services meet these needs. "

Sutton CCG's Clinical Chair, Dr Brendan Hudson, and Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Bates, led the afternoon event, introducing the new CCG and explaining their vision for health and health services in Sutton.

Brendan Hudson, Clinical Chair of Sutton CCG said:

"As a new organisation, it is vital that our partners and stakeholders understand who we are and what we do. This event not only marked the launch of Sutton CCG, but gave us an opportunity to listen to different people's views of our plans and priorities for the coming year. We will include the feedback from this event into the development of our priorities so that they really reflect the health needs of our local population."

During the event, all stakeholders were invited to give their views on the CCG's six priority areas for the coming year, which are:

Jan McCullock from the Sutton Local Involvement Network (LINk) and pathfinder Healthwatch added, " Sutton CCG represents a new face for the NHS in Sutton that is more patient and Sutton focused. I look forward to working with them to make sure that local NHS services meet local need, are high quality and give patients a positive experience. "

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