MP dons his running shoes

April 4, 2013 12:10 PM

A sport enthusiast, Tom Brake MP, swapped the corridors of Parliament to pound Carshalton's' pavements, when he joined a local activist for a run last week.

Mr Peter Romanov, a local Carshalton resident, was accompanied by Tom Brake during his training session, in preparation for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. Peter is gearing up for the challenge in support of the charity Crimestoppers.

Tom said:

"As a keen runner myself, I know that the London Marathon is a tough challenge, but I am confident that Peter will battle through it. I am sure that, come the day of the race, he will be ready to go."

In August 2011 Peter was unfortunate to get caught up in the London riots - his journey home from work on Monday evening took him through Lewisham in south London. He ended up being stopped by the rioters at a made up road block and was forced to abandon his car and possessions, leaving it all behind whilst running away.

Tom during the training session with Peter RomanovHaving been a victim of crime during the London riots in August 2011, Peter thought about what he could do to make a difference. He decided to get involved with charity work for an organisation helping to resolve crimes - Crimestoppers.

Peter Romanov said:

"I was luckier than many others who got caught up in the riots in so much that I came to no physical harm - cars, mobile phones, laptops - all material stuff that can be replaced"

"When you have experienced something like this, you start to think afterwards about what you could have done different ("why did I take that route?") but you also think about what will happen next, will the police be able to find everyone involved in the riots and so on"

In 2013 Peter completed his first ever marathon, running the London Marathon for the same charity. This year he is targeting to finish the run in around 4 ½ hours and have set a target to raise at least £1,500.

Tom added:

"I truly admire the way Peter has managed to turn a negative experience in to something positive."

"Peter is giving up his time, effort, and an odd blister, to raise money for a charity that provides a great service to the local community. I would encourage everyone to donate what they can, and help Peter raise awareness of the work Crimestoppers do."

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