Get involved in Parliament Week

November 5, 2013 11:31 AM

Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington, is encouraging local residents, teachers, school children and students to get involved in Parliament Week and explore the work and role of Parliament. Tom will be opening the UK Youth Parliament debate, part of Parliament Week, on Friday 15th November. Parliament Week

Parliament Week is an annual programme of events designed to inspire people across the UK to participate in democratic life. Beginning on 15th November, it will see hundreds of organisations around the country take part in activities and events designed to inform, inspire and connect people with parliamentary democracy.

Tom Brake said: "I often speak to local residents in Carshalton and Wallington who are keen to find out more about Parliament and politics."

"Parliament Week is a great opportunity to see how decisions made in Westminster have an impact on everyone's lives."

"Organisations can get involved through mock debates, exhibitions and lectures. More ideas can be found by visiting the Parliament Week website."

Part of this year's programme will focus on Women in Democracy - celebrating women's contribution to UK democratic life and exploring how women's voices can be better heard.

Parliament Week is working in partnership with over 200 organisations from across the UK to put together a programme that includes historical walks, art exhibitions, online debates, panel discussions and more. A number of organisations, such as the UK Youth Parliament and the Hansard Society, are joining with Parliament Week to host events about democracy and political engagement.

Tom added: "Become a Parliament Week partner and, along with over 130 other organisations, add your voice to this exciting project!.'

To find out more about Parliament Week, please go to

Schools are also invited to take part in Parliament Week, through specially created resources such as debate packs and assembly plans. For further information visit

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