Local pupil puts her inventor’s hat on

January 7, 2014 5:11 PM

A local bright spark with an eye for engineering has been selected as one of the winners of a national manufacturing competition.

A young inventor Danielle Miller took part in the 'We Made It' competition and will now have the chance to turn her idea for a brand new gadget into a real-life prototype.

Danielle, a pupil at Stanley Park High School, battled it out and pitched ideas to a judging panel of science and technology experts, beating over 520 other entries from around the country, and was selected as one of the 7 national winners. Danielle wowed the judging panel with her idea for a baby milk bottle which keeps milk at a certain temperature.

Commenting on the competition Tom said "Many congratulations to Danielle for winning the competition. Her design was fantastic and a real stroke of genius."

"Britain desperately needs more young people aspiring to high-level manufacturing jobs and the competition is certainly a step in the right direction."

"I am eagerly awaiting Danielle's design prototype and already looking forward to the awards ceremony in Parliament and to congratulating Danielle in person."

Explaining the inspiration behind her design, Danielle said: ""The inspiration for my design idea came from thinking about family. I have family members who have babies and I was thinking about products that could be helpful to them."

"I was really excited to find out that I am a finalist for the competition. The project was challenging but enjoyable. I am proud of my design and pleased the judges see potential for it to be made into a prototype."

We Made It!", a campaign aimed at getting young people thinking about careers in manufacturing, invited 11 - 14 year olds throughout the UK to let their imagination run wild and design a brand new product.

Over Christmas, all 7 national winners took their winning designs to the UK's first Fab Lab's. The winners each worked with the Lab's expert staff to kick-start the process of creating prototypes of their inventions. These 7 prototypes will be launched at a special awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in March next year.

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