Putting the PRIDE back into our area - Graffitibusters Factsheet

How you can help

Graffiti blights many of our streets. However, it isn't something we have to put up with. There are many simple steps which residents can take to help in the fight against graffiti.

The more of us who report graffiti, the better the chance that it will be cleaned up quickly.

If graffiti appears on their own property, people are often unsure about how to get it removed. You will find details on this factsheet about how Sutton Council can help you get graffiti removed.

Don't forget, if you leave graffiti it can attract more graffiti, make the area less attractive, have an adverse affect on commerce and property values

Please contact us on 0208 770 5070 to let us know about a particular graffiti hotspot.

Getting graffiti removed

Reporting graffiti to the Police

Why remove graffiti quickly?

Preventing graffiti

Simple design considerations such as:

There are two treatments that can make your life easier if you suffer an attack by graffiti vandals. These are available through Nordic and other suppliers.

Any other local issues?

Please let us know if you have a local problem which you would like Tom Brake and the Liberal Democrat team to help tackle:

Type of problem: fly-tipping, graffiti, fly-posting, litter


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Please return to: Graffiti Busters, Liberal Democrats, Room 2, Kennedy House, Nightingale Road, Carshalton, SM5 2DN

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