Equal opportunities for children with diabetes


On 16 March Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, met with Brenda Legge of Medical Detection Dogs and her superdog, Ken, regarding equal opportunities for children with Type 1 diabetes.



Tom and Brenda first discussed the alarming inconsistency among schools’ Medical Condition Policies. The Children and Families Act 2014 includes a statutory duty requiring all schools in England to make the right arrangements to support children with medical conditions. However, as recent evidence has shown, this duty is not being implemented effectively, leaving over a million children with medical conditions at risk.


Also discussed was a campaign begun by Louise Fyfe-Taylor, whose daughter recently had a diabetic episode at a school she thought was well-equipped to handle it. Jenny, Louise’s daughter, was out doing her cycling proficiency when she had a massive hypoglycaemic episode. No-one had made sure she had her test kit or any glucose with her. She was made to walk back to school where it took her 40 minutes to recover.


Following the meeting, Tom said:


“Medical Conditions Policies should ensure that all children have access to a safe learning environment where they are able to thrive. The Government must take steps to make sure these vital policies are in place at all schools. Not only are ill-prepared schools breaking the law, they are putting so many pupils’ lives in dangers. It is a real shame.”


Add your name to Louise’s petition asking the Minister for Children and Families Edward Timpson to make sure every school has a long-term medical conditions policy in place to support and protect children here: http://bit.ly/2nr27B9


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