Go Quick! Go Cheap! GoSutton!

Last week, Tom Brake MP rode the new on-demand bus service 'GoSutton.' The service was launched end of May and will be trialled for a twelve-month period in the borough. Tom used the GoSutton app to request a ride, choose pick-up and drop-off locations, and pay for the trip.


Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington said:

"With Sutton’s Lib Dem Councillors, I have worked tirelessly over the years to provide better transport links for local residents. The GoSutton on-demand bus service is a step in the right direction.

"I am glad that TfL have recognised that transport provision in the borough requires significant improvement. GoSutton buses, if successful, could provide the flexible on-demand service parts of the Borough desperately need.

"I fully support this initiative and encourage local residents to download the app and enjoy the ride!"

GoSutton buses operate 7 days a week and can carry 14 passengers at a time. Residents can book a seat using the GoSutton app or, alternatively, by phone through an operator. The passenger will receive countdowns to arrival time provided by text message, and a pick-up is guaranteed within ten minutes of booking a ride.

The GoSutton bus comes fully equipped with free WIFI, USB charging ports, and is free for Freedom Pass holders. A ride comes with a cost of £3.50 for the fare. The GoSutton on-demand bus service could add to the traditional bus network, and improve the links with existing public transport and reduce car usage.

For more information please visit gosutton.co.uk

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