Lib Dem Support Surges Before Upcoming Election

Fresh off the back of a stunning set of local election results, where the Liberal Democrats won over 700 new seats, latest polling places the Liberal Democrats neck and neck with Labour before the European Parliament elections on the 23rd May.


Commenting on the news, Tom Brake MP said:

"The message couldn’t be clearer! If you want to vote for the strongest remain party in these elections, then the Liberal Democrats are for you. Our campaign is growing from strength to strength and has shown that no one wants a damaging Brexit stitch-up, courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May."

In a recent YouGov poll, the Lib Dems were polling just 1% behind Labour. This follows a clear recent trend where support for the Lib Dems has grown rapidly, whilst support for the Brexit backing or enabling parties, the Conservatives and Labour is falling. Support for the Conservatives has fallen so sharply that in the YouGov poll, they were only the 5th most popular option.

The Lib Dems are clearly the strongest and most established party offering a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

The YouGov poll can be found here.

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