Lib Dems Put Labour on the Spot over No Confidence Vote

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable MP and Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake MP are increasing the pressure on the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to call a vote of no confidence in the Government.


Their call comes after a disastrous seven days for the Government which saw them defeated three times in one day for the first time in 40 years, found in contempt of the House for the first time ever and forced to cancel critical votes on the Withdrawal Agreement.

A vote of No Confidence is the only way to force the Government to trigger a General Election.

Speaking during the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday, Tom Brake asked the PM the following question:

"... will she instruct her Chief Whip to make time available for a debate on the no-confidence motion that I know the Leader of the Opposition is going to table?"

Also during the statement Vince Cable said:

"After the fiasco today, the Government have really lost all authority. Let me just say that my colleagues and I will fully support the Leader of the Opposition if he now proceeds to a no-confidence vote, as duty surely calls."

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