Local Lib Dems Lobby Network Rail to Make Carshalton Station Open for All

Local Lib Dems Lobby Network Rail to Make Carshalton Station Open for All

Local MP Tom Brake and Councillors Jill Whitehead and Nali Patel met with David Hignett, an official from Network Rail, to discuss plans to improve access at Carshalton Station on Tuesday.

Tom has been a long-term advocate for full accessibility at the station for all transport users. Most recently, he mobilised support within the community through an email campaign encouraging people to show their support for the improvements. The campaign got 330 signatures from local residents. Local councillors Jill Whitehead and Nali Patel and Tom are working closely with Network Rail to achieve this goal and hope that last week’s meeting will further progress the campaign for better access.

In response to constituents’ concerns, during the meeting, Tom also raised the issue of pigeon-proofing for the railway bridge on North Street and West Street.

He will keep residents updated on the progress of both issues.

Tom commented,

“Only 404 out of 1,967 stations in the UK are fully accessible. That’s not acceptable. Our residents deserve to be able to commute without hassle. I’m happy that Network Rail is developing plans to make Carshalton Station fully accessible, and I’m excited for it to become the 405th fully accessible station in the UK.”

Local Councillor Jill Whitehead commented,

“While we still have a lot of work to do, I’m pleased that Network Rail is paying attention to the problem of station accessibility in Carshalton. Full accessibility to Carshalton Station will make it easier for local residents with disabilities to commute to work and get around. Everyone deserves access to the railways. I’m glad Network Rail has woken up to this vital need.”

Local Councillor Nali Patel commented,

“As someone with disabilities myself, the issue of railway station accessibility is particularly close to me. I am encouraged that our community is coming together to address this essential need in Carshalton Station.”


Left to Right: Councillor Jill Whitehead, Councillor Nali Patel, local MP Tom Brake and David Hignett, Commercial Scheme Sponsor at Network Rail, met on Tuesday to discuss making Carshalton Station more accessible. 

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