Local MP Condemns Lack of Parity Funding for Mental Health

In a letter to the Secretary of State for Health, Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, demanded that the Government stop under-funding mental health. He cited concerns over the dramatic increase in serious incidents in mental health trusts as evidence of the shortage of cash

Tom’s letter echoed Liberal Democrat MP, Norman Lamb’s, concerns of increasing numbers of serious incidents in mental health Trusts across England and demanded that the Government hold a full investigation into this recent rise. He also questioned the amount of funding mental health receives compared to physical health funding. He pushed for the Government to ensure that mental health trusts receive the parity of esteem funding, which CCGs have to press for. Engaged CCGs are obtaining this funding while less engaged CCGs are not. This funding guarantees that mental health receives the same amount of funding as physical health.

Tom said, “The Liberal Democrats are champions for mental health. That’s why it was at the front of our 2015 General Election manifesto. We have worked hard to provide better support and care for people with mental health issues, and I will not standby and watch this Government undo all the work the Lib Dems did in Coalition Government. It is crucial that we investigate these serious incidents and ensure that mental health is valued the same as physical health”

While in Coalition, the Lib Dems paved the way for improvements in mental health by increasing NHS funding every year and improved access to talking therapies. They also invested 400 million pounds to give carers a break through the respite fund. Now the Conservatives are undoing their work, including delaying the Lib Dems’ promise to cap the cost of adult social care in 2016.

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