Local MP Fights Cruel Government ‘rape’ clause

Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, is joining forces with other parties’ MPs to condemn the Conservatives for their cruel tax credits ‘rape’ clause.

Tom has signed a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister, demanding the Government scrap the ‘rape’ clause. The letter, signed by Members from all parties across the House of Commons, is challenging the proposal for a rape clause that would require women whose third child is a result of rape, to testify in front of Government officials that she had been raped to secure an exemption from the loss of tax credits for her third child. It also states that the clause needs more clarification and is “simply immoral.” The signatories are asking David Cameron to throw out this clause altogether, as it “has no place in twenty-first century Britain.”

Tom said, “This clause would only humiliate and belittle those who are victims of such painful attacks. It is absolutely absurd for the Tories to ask a victim of sexual assault to prove their assault in order to secure tax credits. I urge the Government to think of all the families who could be affected as a result of this legislation, and scrap this ‘rape’ clause.”

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