Local MP joins the fight against speeding

Last Monday (18th November), local MP Tom Brake teamed up with Sutton police and local councillor Peter Fosdike to tackle speed_trap.jpgspeeding around Carshalton.

Armed with a speed gun, the team acts as a visible deterrent to speeders and comes in response to residents' calls for police action to tackle speeding.

A radar gun detects the speed of a moving vehicle. If caught speeding, the driver receives a warning letter suggesting that next time they are caught speeding by a trained police officer or speed camera, they will be fined.

Tom Brake said, "The vast majority of motorists keep to the speed limit but it is important to send a strong message to the small minority of drivers who put lives at risk."

Peter Fosdike, local councillor for Carshalton South and Clockhouse, welcomed the police action saying that "Radar guns can help our local community to tackle the problem of speeding and to challenge dangerous drivers before someone gets hurt."

Safer Neighbourhoods PC Barrie Walton said: "Local residents have told us their concerns about traffic travelling in excess of the speed limits on residential roads in Carshalton especially around the school run times. Helping keep the roads safe for everyone is a priority for us. We are running regular anti-speeding operations as well as talking to drivers to make them aware of the importance of driving considerately and safely. We would like local residents to join us in these operations. We will explain how these operations work and you will be shown how to use the speed gun. If you are interested, please contact us on 020 8721 2898 or 020 8721 2490."

Due to the success of Monday morning, and strong local demand for the issue of speeding to be tackled, the police have agreed to roll out the programme of radar guns across the borough.

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