Local MP Provides Voice for Victims

Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, tackled critical issues surrounding victims of crimes abroad in a meeting that took place on 2nd March at 1 Parliament Street, which was organised with local victims’ rights activist, Maggie Hughes, and co-hosted with her son. The meeting initiated a blunt discussion on the fight for justice that victims of serious crimes continue to face.


Tom Brake led the discussion on ways in which the Government and other authorities can provide better support for victims of crimes abroad. The meeting focused on the future of Victims’ Rights and what can be done to keep moving forward.Several guest speakers joined Tom, including representatives from the Met Police and organisations that provide support for victims of serious crime. Victims families were also in attendance and given an opportunity to voice their frustrations with the lack of support they have received throughout their cases.

Tom said, “Families already have to endure the physical and emotional anguish of the crime, so it’s important that we provide better support for these victims and expand legislation to offer them more rights and protection. They need to know that they are not in this fight alone.”

Although representatives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office could not attend the meeting, a source of considerate disappointment and concern, they will meet with Tom, Maggie, and other stakeholders to discuss developments and ways to improve the process.

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