Local MP supports Mencap’s new campaign

Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability and recently launched their new campaign “Hear My Voice”, aiming to empower people with learning disabilities and their families to make sure their voice is heard in the lead-up to the next General Election. Local MP and long term supporter of Mencap’s work, Tom Brake, attended the launch to show his support.


I have a regular volunteer in my office with a learning disability and believe that every person in our society has the right to have their voice heard about issues that are important to them. That is why I joined young students from Carshalton College for part of their information trip on a double-decker bus to find out about some of the challenges they face travelling on public transport.

I am also currently in the process of organising a disability confident jobs fair in Sutton with local employers to help people with disabilities start or further their careers.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ciara at the Mencap event, who used to be a local resident and now works for Mencap. It saddens me that in our society those who have learning disabilities feel the need to campaign to have their voices heard in the first place, but I am listening and I hope many other MPs will do the same and get behind this important issue.

Through the campaign website, people with a learning disability and their families are given a space to share their experiences with their local MP and, in return, MPs and candidates are able to show their support by signing up to say they are listening.

To find out more about the Hear My Voice campaign and manifesto, visit: www.hear-my-voice.org.uk

If you would be interested to take part or attend Tom Brake and Paul Burstow’s upcoming disability confident jobs fair, email info@tombrake.co.uk

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