Local MP Tom Brake Demands Southern Rail be Sacked

The online petition, created by Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton & Wallington calling for Southern to be sacked has clattered through the 1,500 signature mark in just a few days.  It is gaining momentum as the nation’s worst railway operator cut a further 341 trains in response to staff strikes and driver shortages.

The petition calls for the Rail Minister to put Transport for London in charge as just 70% of commuters were satisfied with Southern’s service in 2015.  This figure will have plummeted since, in light of recent cuts to services.

What can only be seen as another kick in the teeth for troubled commuters, was the recent report of a 30.5% rise in profits for the parent company of Southern, Govia Thameslink and Southern. This, on top of Chief Executive David Brown’s pay package rising to £2.1 million, will be seen by many as a failing of the Tory government to put people rather than profits first.

Tom, who faces delays himself, almost every time he travels, said: ‘This petition is for those who, quite frankly, have had enough of the appalling service that Southern has been delivering for the last few years. The problems have intensified this year, with works at London Bridge poorly managed and constant strike action, official and unofficial, leading to a dire travel ‘experience’ for hard working commuters. This petition will put more pressure on Rail Minister Claire Perry to dump Southern Rail who cannot be trusted to deliver rail services any longer and hand over the contract to TFL.’

Join Tom in signing this petition here http://bit.ly/29PAs4k and help finally bring a reliable train service to Carshalton & Wallington.


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