Brake and the Lib Dems demand ‘‘Better Buses for Sutton’’

Tom Brake MP and Sutton Lib Dems set out their list of demands for 'Better Buses for Sutton' at a meeting with Transport for London (TfL) last week.


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Domestic Abuse - Sutton Launches Campaign to Help Victims

Two million victims, nearly 600,000 crimes and over 250,000 domestic violence cases were recorded in the UK last year. In Sutton, 38% of incidents of violence with injury documented in 2017 were regarded as domestic violence cases.


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All Aboard! Destination: Tram to Sutton

Transport for London (TfL) have, at the end of last month, published their report on the outcome of the proposed Sutton Link consultation. The results have shown that 81% of respondents support bringing the tram to Sutton.


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Next Stop: Brake to Meet TfL About Buses

Following the success of his bus survey, which received over 1,000 responses from local residents, Tom Brake MP is to meet with TfL to discuss the results. In the meeting, he will present a list of ‘asks’ to TfL.


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Two Reasons to Cheer for St Helier Hospital

Local MP Tom Brake has today presented St Helier Hospital with ‘Thank you’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ cards to express the community’s gratitude for the vital role that the hospital and its staff play.


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Tories Deprive Students of Critical SEND Funding

The Conservatives have wilfully slashed Sutton’s budget for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) by £8,607 per pupil since 2015, limiting the resources available to students most in need of extra help.


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Bus services leave much to be desired - Brake

After receiving over 1,000 - often critical - responses to his local bus survey, Tom Brake MP has requested a meeting with Transport for London (TfL) to discuss the results and present key 'asks' to TfL.


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Programme Extension Can Clear Up Sutton GPs’ Surgeries

The NHS Time for Care programme has been extended for three more years and will be rolled out across the country, freeing up time for both GPs and patients across the nation.


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Brake Shares the Miracle

This Easter, Tom Brake MP’s office took part in Share the Miracle initiative by collecting chocolate Easter eggs from members of the public and donating them to good causes. 


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Brake Bears Witness to Restorative Justice Programme

Tom Brake MP visited the final session of a Sycamore Tree Course at the HMP Downview women’s prison to show support for around 15 women as they received certificates and made symbolic acts of restitution.


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