Brexit rail fare hike on its way

Rail fares in January are set to go up by the Retail Prices Index rate of inflation. This is expected to be between 3.6 percent and 3.9 percent. Inflation is running at this rate following the sharp drop in the value of the £, post-Brexit.


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Brake slams government over failure to condemn Saudi child executions

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake asked an urgent question to the government yesterday on the imminent execution of fourteen people in Saudi Arabia, including two who were juveniles at the time of their arrests. 


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Tom Brake is United Against Dementia in Parliament

Last week Tom Brake helped host an Alzheimer’s Society event for parliamentarians to learn more about the issues affecting people with dementia.


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Brexit cancer risk shows May "gambling with health of British people"

The Liberal Democrats have accused Theresa May of "needlessly gambling with the health of the British people," after it was revealed her extreme approach to Brexit is threatening access to vital cancer treatments.


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Tom Brake Condemns Theresa May’s Hardline Brexit Policies

Theresa May’s veto which blocked a move by the Conservative Cabinet, nearly a year ago, to provide certainty to EU nationals in the UK after Brexit, has been condemned by Tom Brake as cold and heartless. The PM’s veto was revealed in a recent Evening Standard article.


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Lib Dems: Homelessness Rockets Under Conservative Leadership

A new government report has been snuck out showing that homelessness is rocketing.


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Southern Taken to Court over Shambolic Service

Commenting on the news that a legal challenge to the Department for Transport on Southern Rail by the Association of British Commuters is expected to be heard today at a public permission hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, Tom Brake said:  


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Tom Brake questions Theresa May’s silence on terror funding

Tom Brake is questioning the PM’s silence on an investigation into the foreign funding of extremist ideology in the UK.


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Brake Condemns PM’s Failure to Ban Grenfell Tower Cladding Material

Tom Brake has condemned Theresa May, the Prime Minister, for refusing to introduce an immediate ban on the combustible cladding materials used on Grenfell Tower.


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Tom Brake Calls for a National Day of Recognition for Emergency Services

Tom Brake MP is launching a campaign for the UK to honour those who work in the emergency services with a national day of recognition.


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