Brake Wears a Rose for Ovarian Cancer

Earlier this month, Tom Brake MP took part in World Ovarian Cancer Day by wearing a rose at Prime Minister’s Questions to raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms.


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Sutton Votes Liberal Democrat to Stop Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have topped the poll in Sutton and across London, securing three MEPs in the London region, in a clear sign that people are backing Liberal Democrat calls for an exit from Brexit and a
final say on the Government’s deal.


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Brake: “First ever ‘Understanding Autism’ session in Parliament was a great success”

Earlier this month, Tom Brake MP attended the National Autistic Society's first ever Understanding Autism session in Parliament.


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Brake On The Hunt For New Wallington Police Base

Tom Brake MP is working with the police to get a new Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) base opened at Wallington Fire Station.


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Brake and the Lib Dems demand ‘‘Better Buses for Sutton’’

Tom Brake MP and Sutton Lib Dems set out their list of demands for 'Better Buses for Sutton' at a meeting with Transport for London (TfL) last week.


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Domestic Abuse - Sutton Launches Campaign to Help Victims

Two million victims, nearly 600,000 crimes and over 250,000 domestic violence cases were recorded in the UK last year. In Sutton, 38% of incidents of violence with injury documented in 2017 were regarded as domestic violence cases.


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Lib Dems call for EU-wide fracking ban

The Liberal Democrats have today committed to campaigning for an EU-wide ban on fracking because of its negative impacts on climate change, the energy mix and our environment.


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Lib Dem Support Surges Before Upcoming Election

Fresh off the back of a stunning set of local election results, where the Liberal Democrats won over 700 new seats, latest polling places the Liberal Democrats neck and neck with Labour before the European Parliament elections on the 23rd May.


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Brake Backs WI and Friends of the Earth Campaign to Tackle Plastic Pollution

This week, Tom Brake MP lent his support to a campaign by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) and Friends of the Earth to reduce plastic pollution and the amount of plastic we use.


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Failing Grayling has no choice but to resign

Following the revelations that the Brexit ferry contracts signed off by the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, will now be revoked at a cost of millions to the taxpayer, Tom Brake MP again called on the hapless Minister to step down from his post.


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