'No-deal war chest' shows Hunt’s lost all sense of reality

Responding to Jeremy Hunt's proposed '£6 billion war chest' to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:


"Jeremy Hunt’s ‘no-deal war chest’ is no more based in fact than the mythical promises that were made during the referendum. £6 billion is nowhere near enough to protect the people of Britain from a no-deal Brexit.

"Jeremy Hunt keeps promising that he will mitigate the effects of no-deal on British business, but why is he throwing our economy under the bus in the first place.

"It is time Jeremy Hunt got to grips with reality. There is no plan that saves our economy and jobs, other than stopping Brexit.

"The only way out of this mess is not to abandon all sense of fiscal responsibility as Hunt has proposed, but to offer a People’s Vote with the option to stay in the EU."

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