Number 10’s assault on PIP – Lib Dem response

key_assault_on_PIp.jpgThe Liberal Democrats have hit back at the head of Theresa May's Policy Unit George Freeman who has said that disability benefits should only go to “really disabled people” rather than those who are “taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety.”

Celia Thomas, a Liberal Democrat spokesperson on disabilities, said:
"It is astonishing the complete disregard the Conservative government have shown for those struggling in life.
"The tribunal knows what it is talking about, its rulings should not just be disregarded because they get in the way of the government's plans for sweeping cuts across the board. PIP payments are meant to help give people the freedom they need to get on in life. 

"It is shameful that this government feels that it can treat those with life-changing illnesses in this way.
"The Liberal Democrats will fight these proposed cuts in every way we can to ensure that everyone has a chance to get on in life."

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