Over 4,000 local working families at risk of falling into poverty due to Tory tax credit cuts

Tom Brake MP is calling on all Peers to support today’s Liberal Democrat fatal motion in the House of Lords to stop the Government’s proposed changes to tax credits.
Pushing a fatal motion is a highly unusual step for the House of Lords, but Tom believes it is the last option available to force the Conservative Government to abandon its punitive tax credit cuts.
Tom Brake said:
‘‘The Government’s cuts to tax credits are unfair and a gross injustice. Not only will they have a significant impact on how much money hard-working low income families have to spend on basics like food and clothes, but they will also act as a serious disincentive to people to take on additional hours of work.’’
“4,100 working families in Carshalton and Wallington will be affected by these cuts, including 7,000 children. Together, these families will lose a total £4,100,000.  This is money they would be spending in local shops, helping our local businesses.”
Tom Brake added:
‘‘The Tory cuts will not make work pay but rather hit the very people we want to encourage – those who are working in badly-paid jobs to support their families - but need a bit of additional help due to their low take-home pay.’’
‘‘Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for hard-working local families at a time when over 4,000 of them are facing winter and Christmas with up to £1,300 less in their pockets.”
More information on the Lib Dem’s position can be found here.

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