Save Sutton's Police


PCSOs play an invaluable role in keeping crime down. They are often the only visible police presence on our streets and they work hard to pick up local intelligence, prevent low level crime and tackle anti-social behaviour - giving Police Officers the time to tackle more serious crimes.  

We live in one of the safest boroughs in London where the council and police have a special partnership that helps keep crime down. It's a great record that would have been jeopardised had these cuts gone ahead. 

We welcome the commitment that the head of the Met Police made to Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor, that PCSOs will be maintained in London. The Lib Dems intend to campaign on the issue until the New Year when the final announcement will be made to make sure that the Government and the Mayor keep their word.

Please sign our petition below to make sure the Government and Mayor keep their word.

I/we the undersigned urge the Conservative Mayor of London not to proceed with the scrapping of all 1000 Police Community support officers (PCSOs) in London.

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