Police Minister treating Suttoners with contempt

Last month, Tom Brake MP challenged the Police Minister, Nick Hurd MP, during Home Office questions about the threat to policing in Sutton.  Tom raised his concerns following an announcement that police forces in Sutton, Bromley and Croydon will merge. This will lead to police being re-deployed away from Sutton to higher crime areas in Croydon.


Tom Brake MP said: Sutton police are very efficient. Is the Minister aware of the London Mayor’s plans that would see the merger of Sutton, Bromley and Croydon police? Does he share my concern that that would lead to their being less efficient and unable to focus on the needs of each borough in the way they should?”

The Police Minister, Nick Hurd MP replied:Like the right hon. Gentleman, I am a London MP, and my constituents express similar concerns about plans in north-west London. The bottom line is that these operating decisions are being driven by the police and crime commissioner team and the commissioner. They are accountable to the public for their decisions.”

Tom Brake said:

‘It’s shameful that the Minister is directly forcing further cuts of £325 million by 2021 onto the police and not taking responsibility for his actions. He cannot simply blame others.

‘I strongly reject London’s Labour Mayor’s proposals to merge Sutton, Croydon and Bromley police forces but I won’t let the Conservative Government off the hook either. They share responsibility for putting at risk Sutton’s record as one of the safest boroughs in London. Only the Lib Dems are standing up for the local community and fighting these reckless proposals.’

In just one week, over 2,000 people signed Sutton Liberal Democrats’ “Save Sutton’s Police” petition. You can add your name to the campaign here:  http://bit.ly/2o7oYR1.

You can see Tom Brake’s intervention in the House of Commons here: http://bit.ly/2CNBv0o


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