Prime Minister Expands the Brexit Road of Uncertainty

With only 30 days remaining before the expiry of Article 50, the Prime Minister announced yesterday to the House of Commons that a second meaningful vote on her deal will be held by the 12th of March, and voting on No Deal and extending Article 50 in the two following days. The PM’s new timeline prolongs the mess without providing a solution.


The Prime Minister’s announcement gives MPs the chance to vote against No-Deal in the likely event that the Government’s slapdash and unpopular plan does not win the meaningful vote by the 12th. Then MPs could vote for an extension of Article 50.

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

"It is a positive step that the Prime Minister has ensured MPs will have the chance to delay a No-Deal Brexit. However, rather than ending the uncertainty, the PM has instead created a potential double cliff edge that businesses will need to plan for.

“The consensus in the House of Commons could not be clearer; the PM’s deal has no majority and No-Deal has no majority. As Liberal Democrats have been saying for months, the only way to end the impasse is to give the public the final say through a People's Vote and an option to stay in the EU."

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