Public Sector Workers to be Given Pay Rise under Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have promised public sector workers a much needed and deserved pay increase, at least in line with the rate of inflation, if the Liberal Democrats are a part of the next government.

Public sector workers, who have suffered from pay freezes and negligible pay rises well under the rate of inflation, will finally get the wage increases they deserve, if the Lib Dems make it into government. The Liberal Democrats are the only party to promise public sector employees a fair deal. The Conservatives have said that they will keep pay restraint in place for public sector workers and Labour have neglected to say anything at all!


Tom Brake commented:

“It’s time that those who work for the public get a better deal. Our police, nursing staff and teachers have some of the greatest responsibilities in our society, so it’s time we gave them what they deserve, after a tough few years during which public sector stagnated as we addressed the economic mess we inherited.”

“It is a shame that it is only the Liberal Democrats who are willing to pay our hardworking public sector employees their dues. I am pleased however, that it is my party which will fight for an end to pay freezes and minimal pay rises”


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